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The following websites will provide useful information for students who wish to study in UK.

Useful Links for courses in UK

University Compare
A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings. 

A website which tells you everything you need to know about Clearing and Adjustment and offers an app which allows you to speak to universities directly.

Uni Compare app
Download the Uni Compare app and see our service in action. Works for all smartphones.

University course search 
Our unique course search allows you to see all of the different courses available for students and lets you instantly see the best course for you!

Careers after Education in UK!eLaXi


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My daughter wanted to get admission into EdgeHill university and MCL guidance and patience helped her to get there. They are meticulous and thorough in their process which ensured no errors and my daughter was able to come and study at the University. Mr. Alsaakabi, Saudi Arabia Meticulous and thorough

Colleges and Universities

1. Univ. of Chester
2. Arden University
3. OLC Europe
4. Chichester University
5. International College of Business Manchester