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Frequently Ask Questions :


Q What if my son or daughter has a problem abroad?
A  One of the most important services is our liaison with the university representatives and contacts with the locals community in each country where we have programs. The professionals of MCL conduct orientation and work closely with our affiliated colleges universities in that country, but their primary job is to prepare our students for the academic and cultural differences of their host country. Satisfaction of students and parent is what we want to achieve and strive for our greatest rewards is to see smiling faces of our client with whom we are associated with.

Q What kind of accommodation would my child get overseas during the course?
A  The student can choose their accommodation as per their choice.

  • University Halls, Hostel of Residence
  • Self-Catered – Where the students can cook their own food
  • Catered – Where the student is provided with the food
  • Private Accommodation
  • Rented Shared Apartment (Students can make their own group of colleagues or could directly join other people living in an apartment in a separate room on rent)
  • Stay in a hotel or a guest-house

For further detail our CEO will assist you to meet your requirement and budget.

Q How do I contact my child while he or she is abroad?
A Most parents use a combination of e-mail, telephone, and regular mail to contact our students. Whenever possible, Education Link informs students of their overseas addresses before departure, but in some cases we do not have student addresses until orientation. Nearly all of our affiliated universities assign e-mail addresses to students, but these are not available until after registration for classes. For this reason, we encourage our students to open an Internet e-mail account such as Yahoo! or Hotmail so that they can send e-mails to friends and family before classes or while they travel.

Q Will my son or daughter be safe?
A  Understandably, safety is one of the concerns we discuss most often with parents. The universities where we have programs are prestigious, stable, and located in areas with low violent crime rates. Our comprehensive, mandatory orientations address health and safety issues relevant to the country of study, and our resident staff are careful to keep students knowledgeable about locations and situations that can present danger. In addition, the publications that we send to students, both before departure and while overseas, contain extensive information about staying healthy and safe while abroad.

Q What are my options for paying your program fee?
A Can be discussed with the advisors of MCL. The Counselors would inform you about the best possible options.


Q Should I direct enroll or go through a program?
A Direct enrollment can be a time consuming task especially for a candidate who has no clue about the education system abroad. MCL will certainly help you to

  • Choose the right course as per your requirement
  • Choose the right Universities where you can apply
  • We arrange for the best and most suited halls of residence for the students
  • We handle Foreign exchange and Visa formalities on your behalf
  • We can make arrangements for other requirements after student leaves for the destination
  • In case of any problem or assistance required by the student abroad for academic reasons we can be approached
  • We arrange meetings of the students with the representatives of the foreign universities.

Q Will my credits transfer to my home university?
A Check with your MCL Counselor to make sure that credits from your study abroad program will transfer to your home country and the course you intend to do have recognition in the home country.

Q What services are included in the program fee?
A MCL’s program fees include comprehensive academic and student support services before, during, and after the study abroad experience. (Free consulting regarding education matters)

Q What kind of friends will I make there? And will I be accepted?
A MCL does send students to different parts of the world so rest assured you will have friends from your native land at your university, college or institute. As far as your acceptance to a new society is concerned grooming of the students about the culture and the traditions that are being maintained in the country where the student would study ultimately is also done by the counselors after all visa formalities are completed. You will come out to be a different person all together after being attached to education link.

Q Am I in the safe hands that the choice or the options given by you would be best for me?
A  MCL assists the candidate in making a right and a balanced choice after learning their requirements following an informal discussion on various relevant subjects. We works as a friend and an advisor with the candidate in making the most appropriate choice in a very professional manner, but in no circumstances we lose our personal touch with the students and parents. We also provide the right information sources to its students that could further assist the cause. We as consultants will be the first in business to allow students confirm the rating of the universities we recommend on their own. We provide them with all information they require regarding this matter.

Q Will I be able to work in foreign country along with studying?
A  Normally as a student you are allowed to work for 10 or 20 hours part-time per week during your full time course. (This is currently changed to the recent UKBA regulation in the UK, and only student coming to studying in the publicly funded colleges/universities can work). The hours however vary from country to country. and we can through assistance get you placed at high paid jobs so that you can at least look after all your living expenses.

Q Is getting part time job difficult?
A  No. It is not so difficult to get a part-time job. In fact, If you are open to all kinds of legitimate work, securing a part-time job could be very easy too. our counselors have all the information required to assist you in this matter.

In fact you are respected for all kinds of work in the other countries and your part-time job is also a learning house for you as it offers you a chance of improving upon your communication skills, exposes you to real-time work, initiates you to interact with different people, improves the confidence level and above all assists you with the better handling of your expense account.



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MCL their staff are very technical and knowledgeable especially in IT & Marketing.  The College has taken up the expertise on  installing and configuring moodle and as a result able to establish moodle as a vital teaching and learning aid for students. I would recommend their professional team to other colleges and colleagues. Principal, MCMSc

Colleges and Universities

1. Univ. of Chester
2. Arden University
3. OLC Europe
4. Chichester University
5. International College of Business Manchester