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Education Abroad

Studying abroad

Today there is a growing realization at all levels of education that students must be better prepared for a global society. This is resulting in a dramatic increase in the choice of study abroad options, enabling students to experience a diversity of the world’s cultures.

What are the ADVANTAGES of studying abroad?

Studying abroad will enrich your life in many ways:

  • You will enhance your education by adding a new, international perspective to your studies. You will understand the international dimensions of your field.
  • You will extend your career options. Your international experience will give you a strong professional advantage. The world’s most successful businesses are looking for people who have international experience.
  • You will develop first-hand knowledge of other societies and cultures.
  • You will improve your foreign language abilities.
  • You will broaden your perspective on International society and yourself.
  • You will experience amazing personal growth, especially in the areas of independence and self-confidence.

In choosing a study abroad program, Manchester Consultancy believe students should look carefully at :

  1. What country they choose to study

Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to studying abroad. With the world changing every day, there is potential for some problems at your country of choice. Do some research and looking into the safety and travel warnings of the country that you wish to study in?

UK & Ireland are one of the safest places to study abroad. Manchester Consultancy will give you advice on a select range of Universities and Colleges that best suit your needs and are known for the safe environment in which they exist.

English language is the key international language spoken in most countries. Manchester Consultancys partnership Universities and Colleges offer you  every opportunity to improve your spoken English.

Cultural diversity is important to international students. Manchester Consultancy’s partnership Universities and Colleges all have an inter mix of cultures who enjoy a wealth of experiences and first class support from the International student departments.

  • Type of program/course has to offer

In order to select the program that best enables students to meet their career objectives they should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does the school support study abroad, give you the ability to enrol in the program of your choice?
  • Can your field of study really benefit the job role that you are seeking?
  • Do courses better prepare you for a global society in order to gain a competitive edge in the world marketplace as employers are more often looking for this distinctive quality?
  • Do they facilitate the transfer of academic credit?
  • Do they offer financial assistance for studying abroad?


Manchester Consultancy have a partnership with a small but diverse group of select Colleges and Universities each with their distinctive advantages and that offer an excellent all round learning experience with fees to suit the students financial situation. Each can answer the above questions with commitment and integrity.

  • Level of support given to international students.

Students should examine very carefully the support offered by the institutions they consider.

Living away from home in another country for an academic  year or more can be daunting at first. Manchester Consultancy work closely with their partnership Universities and Colleges to ensure that the level of pastoral, social and welfare support and guidance is of a standard that  each student expects and deserves.


Manchester Consultancy are  building a closer liaison with their partnership Universities and Colleges than any other recruitment specialist  too ensure that collectively we are providing the best opportunities for student success.


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