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Social Media Marketing

If you are a brand or marketing professional you already know there is a major marketing shift happening.  Consumers are demanding that they control the conversation.  The traditional ‘push’ marketing is being ignored; consumers want to participate and identify with brands that mean something to their lives. Those brands that listen and allow ‘pull’ marketing from consumers will experience true loyalty and profitability. The entire marketing function is evolving and you cannot ignore this new dynamic. Social media and engagement marketing in particular form part of this changing marketing shift. Every modern marketing campaign should include a social media component.  Social networks offer ready made communities for your brand to engage with users and the opportunity to tap into their social graph.

If you are looking to do more with your marketing campaigns and promotions, then get in touch. We work with clients and help thme rollout campaigns that link their brands and the social network sites, the opinions and behaviours of users who come into direct contact with social network campaigns and create report delivering insights into best practice social network marketing and engagement marketing.

As an agency we provide services on

  • Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Marketing
  • Work on Search Engine optimisation, Blogging, Website rankings and analytics
  • Social Media and PR


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I was recommended by my friend Md. Komal and found MCL every bit as described. Because of them, I was able to get admission into MCMSc and after I will progress to MBA. Thanks to MCL and Ramanjeet Muhammad (Prince) Chaudhary

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