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Think of me as your creative ‘Think Tank’ and by hiring me as a marketing consultant I substantiate your marketing efforts. As a team closely working together, I develop marketing strategies basis your business goals and provide viable proposals. Basis your budgets, I gather market research and appropriate agencies to do the work on an need only basis. In doing so I act as a bridge between agencies and your company to ensure consistent communication, across the campaigns,messaging and brand and make the most effective use of your marketing budgets. All services are provided on as-is-basis and no markup are charged. Your periodic and timely approvals ensures that the invoices are paid and projects are completed on time.


  • Product Strategy and Launch
  • Marketing Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Product Management and Planning
  • Web site Concept, Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Account and Sales Management

What do you get..

I have worked across various industries, sector and geographies – markets. This is not only ideal to have but someone like me with many years of experience in the marketing is rightly equipped to handle your marketing efforts and give you the necessary jump start. I understand the fundamental rules of marketing, be it websites, search engine marketing – optimisation, marketing communication,  Public Relations and know how to create and deliver a strategy. When companies hire a marketing consultant to do their marketing, the person does not always always have the experience from client’s industry, but owing to my present and previous experience as a brand, comm manager, marketing and a business manager in multinational organisations for many years, I bring the right experience of working with customers, partners and their ecosystems. I have successfully delivered and implemented various marketing campaigns and supported in the growth of the businesses (Product or service) across IT / Telecom / Consumer Electronics and Computer Software industry.


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I am pleased with the results and would recommend MCL, as their guidance was timely, honest and helpful Ali Abbas

Colleges and Universities

1. Univ. of Chester
2. Arden University
3. OLC Europe
4. Chichester University
5. International College of Business Manchester